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Over the span of many months now we have watched Larry Sinclair make and expand upon many unverifiable allegations against Senator Barack Obama (and a growing group of other people). While we detected inconsistencies along the way, human memory is imperfect and so we committed to transcribe all available interviews and collate available documents (see ‘Main Dossier‘ on the side tab).

Mr Sinclair has stood before the world and asked us to believe him – about his drug and sex escapades with Barack Obama, the limo driver, his innuendo surrounding the death of Donald Young (see ‘Limo Driver‘ & ‘Donald Young‘ on the side tab).

Given the abject poverty of proof provided by Mr. Sinclair, we must look to his words over time to come to a conclusion with regards to the veracity of his claims. What we have found has not given Mr. Sinclair’s credibility much support, for example:

‘I didn’t tell the sex part because, you know, I said it was bad or it was a reason not to vote for him.’ (4th July 2008)


‘Now perhaps you do support Obama and he does make it to the Oval Office and in his first year you know um he’s busted gettin’ head…in the White House.’ (5th Feb 2008)

‘What’s going to happen if he does get in office… say it is one of those countries where homosexuality of any sort is a federal crime’ (26th Feb 2008)

“I had only myself attempted to take this to the press at the 1st of the year and people have been constantly implying that this story was leaked back in October/November” (10th March 2008)

“I came public after spending approximately six months, waiting for him to publicly announce and correct his statement about his drug use.” (4th July 2008)


“It should’ve come out back last fall when I first reported it to…MSNBC” (8th Feb 2008)

“I went to the DNC… asked to speak to someone face to face regarding the complaint that I filed against Barrack Obama last year” (29th May 2008)

For these and many other reasons, we do not believe Mr. Sinclair and will continue to provide evidence that illuminates exactly why.

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