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Part 1: Protective Larry?

02/08/08: The Right Perspective Interview with Larry Sinclair

I’ve got, listen, I have the limo driver. Everybody keeps telling me on You Tube, “Put your information out here. Let us investigate it.” I’m not that stupid. Are you kidding me? Everybody on You Tube is trying to kill me…you know…um threaten me…I don’t mean “kill me” literally. I mean, they’re trying to slaughter me online and my character. I’ve got news for ‘em. They can’t do that. I’ve been completely honest about everything about me, but I’m not gonna put in on You Tube for a bunch of, you know, Internet warriors to sit there and play with and twist around.

The limo driver is willing to come forward, but only if it actually gets out there, because he is a personal friend of Barack Obama’s and he is scared to death if he comes out before it gets out there, Obama and Axelrod can shut him up. And those are his concerns and I understand them.

I mean, you know, the driver will come forward, but he’s not going to put him and his family on the line for something that the media is constantly shoving underneath the carpet, and I don’t blame him

02/17/08: Cao’s Interview with Larry Sinclair

Larry: Well actually the limo driver has from the minute I’ve contacted him and told him that I was coming forward with this, has always said he that would come forward once it out in the public spectrum to where he felt that he would have a sense of public protection, in other words it has not reached a level to where if he came forward he doesn’t feel comfortable that he would not be physically attacked or action taken against him.

02/23/08: Sinclair YouTube Meltdown


I have given up the driver. You gutless punk bitch motheerfucker.


The following is a gift to all in a “pay it forward” dedicated to thedon, the name of the driver for 5 star limo service is P. Multani.

02/24/08: Parisi/Sinclair Emails

Parisi: It is past 12:00. We called you several times already today. Can you put us in touch with him [the driver] now. Thanks

Larry: No, I can not and will not, you are posting that I lied, why would I put him in the middle of your firestorm now.

03/15/08: Larry Sinclair Interview with Cao

If this gentleman or anyone else on the internet thinks and ever thought for a minute that I would put this individual’s identity out on the internet for them to do what they have done to these two charities; that were donated the money to that ended up giving it back because of the web and phone harassment that they received. Okay? Then some of these people are bigger idiots than they call me to think that anyone would ever subject someone to the type of ridicule and harassment and threats, because all that would have done was make this person shut up rather than come out.

05/07/08: Victor email to Larry (posted by Larry (?) at BHDC

In my view the best thing would be to call a press conference and release the information about the driver, if possible: the press won’t come unless one or more major media indicate that they will: you may need some political help to get some of the press to show up.

05/29/08: Rense Interview

Um, my attorney’s and I have decided that we are going to go through the attorney’s ah to make an offer to the driver to come forward under oath with the attorney and we would redact his personal information before we released anything and but if he chooses not to agree to that then in approximately two weeks, we’re going to give them two weeks to actually accept the offer, and if they don’t then we are going to publically disclose the driver, the name, the information, ah phone numbers, addresses, everything and you know, he’s going to have to deal with it from there, I’m not going to continue to take a beating.

06/18/08: National Press Conference with Larry Sinclair

Whose name I now reveal for the first time, Jagir Paramjit Multani… One note: There is a typo on the statement that you will get at the end of this statement. We will put an updated and corrected version on a website that you will also be given access to as far as the name is concerned (amended to Jagir P. Multani).

Part 2: Who is the Limo Driver?

02/17/08: Cao’s Interview with Larry Sinclair

Caller: Wants to know when the limo driver will come forward.

Larry: …Now there are some issues that surround the company and some of those issues are immigration issues I don’t know if those pertain to the driver himself. I do know the driver was family members to the owners of Five Star Limo so I mean you know, there’s a lot of issues there as far as him feeling that he has the protection he needs, and I don’t blame him, because, I mean my God look at what I’ve gone through just on coming out on YouTube

Helper says it sounds like the limo driver is an illegal alien.

Larry: Well I’m not going to say that much, I do know there were some immigration issues involving one of the members of the family that owned Five Star Limo it is public record, it’s out there. I’m not going to say he’s an illegal alien, but I do there were some issues involving some of his family members, now whether that pertains to him specifically, personally and directly, I don’t know.

02/23/08: Sinclair YouTube Meltdown

The following is a gift to all in a “pay it forward” dedicated to thedon, the name of the driver for 5 star limo service is P. Multani.

03/01/08: Larry/Jay Aut Witch Interaction – BHDC

918. Jay said:

Those investigating this limo business might also be interested in this court case re a Multani that I found: [note: this case refers to a Paramjit Singh Multani] Illegal immigrant – repeat offender…Documents strongly indicate he would have been in Chicago around 1999. Didn’t Larry mention something about ‘family had a member with immigration issues?’

984. Lorenzo said:

JAY You post claiming this individual is somehow the limo driver and or related has been investigated and found by John Crewdson of he Tribune not to be. But I already knew that. I am posting this for you so that you might be able to keep from looking like a complete ass and/or idiot. But I guess it is to late for that.

03/26/08: Citizen Wells Blog Post

One of the encounters was alleged to be in a limousine from 5 Star Limousine Service in Chicago. Sinclair states that the limousine driver’s name is P Multani. Sinclair has also stated that in the past he has helped illegal aliens. There was a Paramjit Singh Multani, from India, in this country illegally and he was in Chicago around the time of the alleged limousine encounter. Is Larry Sinclair using information he had about an illegal alien and Barack Obama’s schedule to fabricate this story or is this story real?

04/07/08: Citizen Wells Blog Post

Sinclair has stated in the past that he helped illegal aliens. He also stated that the name of the limo driver is P Multani. An illegal alien by the name of Paramjit Singh Multani was in this country illegally and a hearing was set for him in Chicago in 2000. This is near the time of the alleged encounter between Larry Sinclair and Barack Obama. Some one commented on this blog several days ago and pointed out that a Paramjit Singh Multani is a licensed taxi driver in Maryland.

[Response from Sinclair: “Thought you should know I did not state the above was the limo drivers name. That is an assumption that internet warriors for Obama made and claimed].

05/29/08: Rense Interview

John Crewdson he’s a Pulitzer Prize winner writer for the Chicago Tribune and he is the one person who has sat down with me over the course of 5 days. He spoke to the driver’s wife, I mean it’s not like it’s not known, ok, he himself had made it clear to me that he did not necessarily need to break the agreement that I had with the driver as far as not exposing until the driver chose to be exposed but that he needed to confirm that this person existed. Oh yeah, he spoke to the driver’s wife and to the driver’s son and even to this day, after telling me he just needed to at least be able to say ‘yeah, this person really exists’, he’s known that the driver truly exists and he’s known since February.

06/18/08: National Press Conference with Larry Sinclair

On November 6th of 1999 I asked the limo driver whose name I now reveal for the first time, Jagir Paramjit Multani, if he knew anyone who would like to socialize and show me Chicago.

06/18/08: Press Statement of Larry Sinclair

I asked the limo driver – whose name I now reveal for the first time – Paramjit Multani, if he knew anyone who would like to socialize and show me Chicago.

After press conference

Name amended to Jagir P. Multani.

Paramjit’s Alt Law Case

Indicates a person who has used a variation of his name to avoid being detected for not revealing his past deportation history.


Larry originally gave the name P. Multani then claimed the P to be a typo. When Paramjit was first referred to he denied this being the person – Crewsdon had ‘checked it out’. Eventually the press conference comes out – the written statement with Paramjit Multani, Larry himself recorded as saying Jagir Paramjit Multani, then ‘another’ typo – hide the ‘middle’ name. Everything appears to point to Paramjit Multani of the Altlaw case being the person Larry is alluding to as the limo driver – that being said………(Part 3 follows)

Part 3: A personal friend of Obama’s?

01/23/08: Rense Interview
I was introduced to Mr Obama when I got out of the limo, by the driver, apparently they were friends.

I was speaking to the driver, the privacy window was down at that time and like I said, that was when I was made very clear at the time that the driver was in fact a personal friend. [When Obama was off getting the coke and crack]
The way I understood it from my conversation with the driver was that he was introducing me to a friend of his, he was not introducing me to someone of power, he was introducing me to a personal friend of his.

At that time the driver told me it would be easier for him to go ahead and drop me off at the hotel and that he could take Barack back to his car. So I said fine, I had no problem with it, they were friends, they knew each other…

02/08/08: The Right Perspective Interview with Larry Sinclair
Frank: Yea, but Uncle Warren noticed something. You said the limo guy is a good friend of Obama. So Obama knows who the limo driver is.

LWS: You know, I would be willing to bet you he’s trying his damnedest right now to remember exactly which friend is his.

Frank: Well, if he wants to find out, he could go, he has the resources to find out who it is. I mean, he could go back he could go back to that date and find out who it is.

LWS: And why do you think I have been pushing so hard, since I was informed of them conducting the investigation into me to get this out before that happened. But I’ll be honest with you, I don’t think Obama will find him. Not this fast.

The limo driver is willing to come forward, but only if it actually gets out there, because he is a personal friend of Barack Obama’s and he is scared to death if he comes out before it gets out there, Obama and Axelrod can shut him up

06/18/08: National Press Conference with Larry Sinclair

Mr. Multani understood that I was looking for someone who knew Chicago and would enjoy socializing. Mr. Multani said he knew someone who was a friend of his. On November 6, 1999 after picking me up at the hotel in Gurnee, and this is significant, Mr. Multani used his cell phone to make a call. That call was made to then Illinois State Senator Barack Obama to set up an introduction between myself and Senator Obama.

Paramjit S. Multani Alt Law Case
Noted: first entered US illegally in 1987, arrested in Florida in 1991, failed to appear. Turned up in California in 1996, providing a variation of his name and did not acknowledge his prior deportation history and said he first came to the US in 1994. Failed to appear. Found in US again in 1998 and a warrant for deportation was ordered but in February 1999 he wrote a letter to INS to say he had self-deported to Canada. He illegally re-entered the country 8 months later – putting re-entry at October 1999. He was quickly caught up with and applied for adjustment of status – his case transferred to Chicago in 2000. His request to become a US citizen was once again denied in July 2006. Later documentation confirms that Mr Multani was granted citizenship in April 2007.

Larry’s old WordPress blog – prior to the Press Conference
Many will attest that Larry Sinclair made a post on his blog where he posed a ‘what if’ question – that he took effort to reinforce the fact that it was just a ‘what if’, but what if the limo driver was a business associate of Obama’s and was still a business associate of Obama’s to this day.


Assuming that the man Larry Sinclair is pointing toward is indeed Paramjit Multani (and it certainly seems that this is what is being implied, if not in a somewhat slippery fashion) then how does a man, with repeated deportation issues, who only showed up in Chicago in October 1999 – mere weeks before Larry’s alleged incident took place, have held the status of a ‘personal friend’ of Obama’s much less a business associate? I believe it is this sticking point that prevents Sinclair definitively committing to the driver as ‘Paramjit Multani’.

Further, why does Sinclair spend so much time in his first Rense interview using language such as ‘the way I understood it’, ‘apparently’ with regards to the driver being a personal friend of Obama’s when he later says in his press conference that ‘Mr Multani said he knew someone who was a friend of his’. There should have been no mention of a gradual awakening to Obama being a personal friend of the limo driver if the limo driver had made that upfront statement.

This gradual awakening is even more strange in light of the statement made by Sinclair that ‘the limo driver is willing to come forward, but only if it actually gets out there, because he is a personal friend of Barack Obama’s and he is scared to death’. If he had been in contact with the limo driver the way he has implied he was then he should have stated all along that they were and still are friends.

The ‘what if’ that Larry posted on his blog with reference to the limo driver potentially still being a business associate of Obama’s seems to be a fishing expedition to see how that theory would fly for Larry NOT being able to produce a limo driver – a fact we are made aware of when Larry tells the press conference the limo driver has disappeared.

There are many logical inconsistencies with this story of the limo driver. Why would a limo driver who was a business associate of Obama’s talk to Larry in the first place, particularly if Larry was floating the implication that the driver didn’t want to come forward so as to protect his business association? How could the limo driver have been a personal friend of Obama’s when he had barely been in the Chicago area by November 1999? How was Larry able to locate the limo driver, remember his name even, if he was only exposed to him for 2 to 3 days 8 years prior and if the company the driver allegedly worked for wound up in 2000?

All of these issues strongly point to complete fabrication and given the centrality of the limo driver to Larry’s allegations we are informed that Larry’s tale of meeting Obama is indeed a complete fabrication.


Larry cannot even keep his story straight about how many nights he employed the limo driver:

01/23/08: Rense Interview
“Well, I had told the driver the incident before when I had hired the company to take me out with my Godson, that I was going to spend another night out.”

02/18/08: Jim Sumpter Show

“I had hired the limo for three nights during that trip.”

“I had the same limo driver on all three occasions (nights). I had already informed the service, as well as the driver, that I wanted him to be the driver on Saturday.”

06/18/08: National Press Conference with Larry Sinclair

On November 5, 1999 I hired the services of Five Star Limosine….(cough)…excuse me. I had hired them both for November 5th and November 6th of 1999.

Many thanks to my fellow warriors for truth Heidi, Glix, K-Street, Susanelise, Democratista and the work of LBG of Death by 1000 Papercuts and the archives of MrSircy– all of whom made this article possible.


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