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Sinclair Duplicity Regarding Nate Spencer

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I thought it worthwhile to note that Larry has been, in my opinion, duplicitous on the topic of Nate Spencer.

In recent days he posted on his website a correction to a reader that Nate Spencer died from AIDS, was not murdered, as was recorded on Nate Spencer’s death certificate.

Larry knew long before he attempted to get copies of the death certificates of Nate Spencer, Larry Bland and Donald Young that Nate had died of an illness, was not murdered.  He was TOLD this clearly and he also knew that a lot of people had made an incorrect assumption that Nate was also murdered and that this rumor had circulated online.

So why then, aware of Nate’s death by illness, did he get a copy of Nate’s death certificate, stating on an earlier blog that he had gotten Nate’s and Larry’s death certificates but had been unable to source Donald’s, unless he was tacitly and indirectly feeding the false premise that Nate had been murdered by doing so?

His actions fed the established mis-interpretation, as three murders are more sensational than two are they not?  And yet he did so in an indirect way, where he didn’t say Nate was murdered – so you couldn’t pin that on him, but where people would assume that was the case or why else get the death certificate?

From my perspective this is a classic example of the way that Larry operates.

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Donald Young Part 1: Ring! Ring!

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04/01/08: Affidavit of Lawrence W. Sinclair

In September 2007 I contacted the Presidential Campaign of Barack H. Obama, US Senator of IL, to request that Senator Obama publicly correct his stated drug use record to reflect his use of crack cocaine in November 1999… from the period of Labor day weekend 2007 through November 18, 2007 I did provide a total of four (4) different call back numbers to the Obama campaign.

In late September to early October 2007, I received a call from a male who identified himself as a “Mr. Young” stating he was calling in regards to calls I had made to the Obama campaign. This first call was in fact an attempt by said “Mr. Young“ to obtained from me the identities of anyone I had contacted concerning my 1999 allegations against Senator Obama. The call ended with “Mr. Young stating I would hear from someone in a few days.

In mid to late October 2007,I received a second call from this “Mr. Young” at which time I clearly became aware that this individual was personally involved with Senator Obama rather than an employee of his campaign.

In late October 2007 I received a text message from the gentleman identified as “Mr. Young” in which he stated he was intimately involved with Senator Obama and that Obama was discussing with him and his pastor how to publicly acknowledge Senator Obama’s drug use in 1999…mid to late November 2007 another text message from “Mr. Young”… advises me that Obama will publicly correct his statement as to the last time he used drugs and I did not need to concern myself with publicly disclosing it myself.

The last contact with “Mr. Young” in early December 2007 made it clear to me that Obama had no intentions of publicly acknowledging his 1999 use of crack cocaine and that “Mr. Young” was in fact doing nothing more than milking information from me for Senator Obama’s use.

I had not truly become aware of the murder of Donald Young to the point of understanding this was the individual who had been contacting me last fall until a few weeks ago.

The above constitutes the statement made by Larry Sinclair to the Chicago Police Department



I now outline the problems with Larry’s story, making reference to the source material listed below, which constitutes material transcribed from publically disseminated interviews/documents that are DIRECTLY and IRREFUTABLY related to Mr Sinclair.

The first thing to note is that Larry originally said he was ignored by the Obama campaign [#2]. Larry tries to cover for this inconsistency by saying that he became aware that Mr. Young was not with the campaign but personally involved with Obama [Affidavit]. However, Larry is also stating that it was Mr. Young’s actions that made him hold off going ‘public’ [#5] – which obviously implies a strong link to the business of the campaign and since Larry claims he only left his numbers with the campaign this, by default, makes the campaign the conduit between Young and Sinclair.

It is interesting to note that Larry said his impetus to move from being inspired by Obama to his current course of action was listening to Obama talking to a young person about not having touched drugs since he was a teen [#3]. However, as discovered by LBG of Death by 1000 Papercuts, the very first mention of his past drug use on the campaign trail (which was in fact to a group of teens) was in late November of 2007 [#1]. Why then, was Mr. Sinclair contacting the Obama campaign [#2] and receiving calls from Mr. Young [Affidavit] in September, prior to the stated act that he argues gave him impetus to action?

Returning to the theme of Mr. Sinclair holding off action against the Obama campaign due to Mr. Young’s phone calls and promises that Obama would rectify this himself [#5] and also saying that he did not take his story to the press until the 1st of January 2008 so any reference to leaks of his story back in 2007 could only have come from the Obama campaign [#4] it is perhaps a tad on the unfortunate side for Mr. Sinclair that he previously stated that he first reported it to MSNBC last fall and that he had tried everyway possible to get it out since ‘last fall’, resorting to YouTube as a last resort [#3] and it is further unfortunate for Mr. Sinclair that subsequent to those statements he also said he had reported the matter to the DNC last year [#6].

Ah Mr. Sinclair, the truth always shines through the lies in those moments where you do not watch yourself carefully enough and these moments of yours are many.

It is, perhaps, of no surprise that Mr. Sinclair had initially said that his phone company would be able to provide proof of his phone conversations with Mr. Young [#7] but now says that the phone company is unable to provide the records and links this to the grand, nefarious and ever-expanding tale of conspiracy that Mr. Sinclair continues to weave [#8].



[#1]20/11/07: Obama address to high school students re drug past

(this video and the connection about mis-matched dates was originally discovered and reported on by LBG of Death by 1000 Papercuts, to view the relevant report please follow this link: A TV news reporter referred to this as the FIRST time Obama had made reference to his past drug use on the campaign trail.)

[#2]01/23/08: Rense Interview

‘I first decided to approach Obama’s camp in September…I had sent the Obama campaign several emails to their campaign website addressing the issue…I was ignored’.

[#3]02/08/08: The Right Perspective Interview with Larry Sinclair

‘Actually, it’s funny. Everybody keeps saying, “now”. I’ve been trying to get this out since last fall and, umm, You Tube was pretty much a last resort…I mean, it should’ve come out back last fall when I first reported it, umm, to NBC [corrects self] MSNBC…I didn’t really want to come out on You Tube like that because I didn’t think it was the right way to do it. And I tried every possible way, ah, to come out with it.…I was actually, you know, inspired by Barack Obama as well until I saw a young person last fall, and saw Obama make a statement to this person that you know, hey, “I’ve admitted to what I’ve done in the past, but I didn’t…I haven’t done it since my teens”.’

[#4]03/10/08: Rense Interview

‘The second thing I need to address right now is probably is going to come as a bombshell to you as well… Mr Young and I did communicate prior to his death.

I had only myself attempted to take this to the press at the 1st of the year and people have been constantly implying that this story was leaked back in October/November…and if in fact it is this story that was being whispered about then the only people that could have leaked this story back then would have been the Obama Campaign because I had not even gone to the media with it. I was still in the process of giving Obama the opportunity to come clean.’

[#5]04/01/08: Rense Interview

‘At first I was under the impression that that was the whole purpose behind his contacting me was to let me know and convince me that they were going to do it and at first I did get that feeling and that belief…that’s why I said, well everybody says why did you wait till January…I truly was giving them the opportunity to come forward…when it became very clear to me that that wasn’t going to happen and that the MSM wasn’t going to print anything without having the driver in their hand, which I could not do, I did the YouTube video.’

[#6]05/29/08: Rense Interview

‘…I went to the DNC, I had made it clear that I would go to the DNC’s offices on south capital and asked to speak to someone face to face regarding the complaint that I filed against Barrack Obama last year and why that complaint has been ignored and swept under the rug.’

[#7]06/18/08: National Press Conference with Larry Sinclair

QUESTIONER: ‘Why didn’t you keep your cell phone records when Mr. Young called you? Were you billed for the cell phone?’

SINCLAIR: ‘I have personally contacted Sprint/Nextel approximately two weeks ago…uh…asking that they dig up the records off of their system for each of those phone numbers from those periods and provide them to us… they have confirmed that those records are available.’

QUESTIONER: ‘Are you going to post those on your website as well?’

SINCLAIR: ‘I will.’

[#8]07/24/08: Rense Interview

‘…what I’m finding absolutely amazing is, this is a firm that also represents Sprint Nextel corporation. The same phone company that is telling me they can not find me my phone records.’

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Donald Young Part 2: The Gay Angle

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1. It’s not about the gay sex – truly!

Larry emphatically states that his allegations about Obama are not about the gay sex, it just had to come out to explain the crack use, with the added little extra that these scandals are a dime a dozen with regards to politicians these days – ho hum [#2] and it wasn’t intended as a reason not to vote for Obama [#16].But if the gay sex was not an issue why did Larry go on about the implications of Obama getting busted receiving oral sex in the Whitehouse [#3], or getting caught in another country where gay sex is illegal [#7] or musing about the character of a man who would receive oral sex from strangers [#17]?Further, it was certainly all about gay sex with his Donald Young story.In truth, he has worked this angle all along.

2. ‘Remembering’ his phone calls with Mr. Young

In early February Larry said he considered Obama bi-sexual based on his personal experiences [#4].In mid February Cao mentions the ‘murdered choir director’ in an interview with Larry Sinclair [#5]. By late February Larry expresses that he truly believes there would be others who had similar tales that would come forward at some point [#7].By early to mid March he first mentions, in sparse detail, having talked to a Mr. Young after a person emails him about the Young murder, claiming he has an ‘oh my god’ moment.He initially gets Donald’s first name wrong and communicates only that he ‘understands’ Donald was gay [#8].

By the time he submits his affidavit to the CPD on ‘April Fools Day’ he is stating that Mr. Young had directly communicated to him in late October 2007, via text message, that he (Young) was intimately involved with Obama [#9].Why was there no mention of these very significant conversations until April, regardless of whether Donald was alive or not or was in fact the ‘Mr. Young’ Larry refers to?If he was shopping this to media last year and was not getting any bites wouldn’t it seem obvious to have saved text message details and immediately requested phone records?After all, not only was this evidence of another man having had sexual relations with Obama but Larry claimed the man knew about the gay sex part of Larry’s ‘tale’ without even being told [#9].

The truth of the matter appears to lie buried within this statement:

‘Actually, when I first found out that he had been murdered I didn’t even click, I mean the name didn’t click, it took about a week or so for me to actually piece together (to go) wait a minute, here I am getting phone calls from this person, I’m talking to an individual who himself is openly gay.’ [#11]

But let us peel back the lie and bring out the truth:

‘When I first found out he had been murdered, an openly gay person associated with Obama’s church, it took about a week or so for me to actually piece together a semi feasible tale of a connection between Mr. Young and myself’.

Finally, in July he claimed that it was in March that he started becoming aware of Donald Young [#16], however the Cao interview tells us he was aware of the story weeks earlier [#5].

3.Oral Sex Polygraph Results

There were two question series in the polygraph examination, the first on oral sex and the second on drug use.Larry does not like to talk about the oral sex series because on that he absolutely bombed – unequivocally and strongly the polygrams showed he was lying [#6].Little wonder then that when he does refer to the polygraph results he focuses on the second series [#14 & #17].However, given that Larry argued in the first instance that a. the polygraph would be the standard by which his allegations would be proven true [#1], and b. that he had to bring up the oral sex in order to validate the drug claims (i.e. they were inter-dependent) [#2 & #4] then the results of series 1, alone, show his story about Obama to be a lie.Effectively, the bombshell of his Donald Young allegations and continued feeding of that sub-plot served to over-shadow and distract away from his massive failing on the oral sex questions and the implications of that failing therein.

FYI – Dan Parisi held a NPC event on the same day as Larry in which he stated ‘I deny that I ever received any bribe at anytime in regard to the tests. The bribe claims are outlandish and without merit’.


4.Young’s Death and Larry’s Safety

Mr. Sinclair worked to build and reinforce the idea of a sinister Obama who was involved in Donald’s murder and is also a threat to other gay men, as shown in the time-lined comments below:

  • In late February/early March he canvasses supporters as to whether he should consider Young’s death ‘a threat’ [#8].
  • In mid-May he makes a video saying if he is found dead it should be investigated as a homicide – citing Donald Young’s murder as a basis for his concerns [#12].
  • A week later he discusses with the ever complicit Jeff Rense ideas surrounding the danger to Obama employees who are ‘believed’ to be intimately involved with Obama, while also mentioning two other deaths of gay men in the Chicago area, insinuating their death certificates had been pursued and looked into by him or those supporting him [#13].
  • By July 1st he is talking about the amazing number of sites that say Larry will die the same way that Donald died [#15].
  • Later in July, just prior to his web-site being shut down, Mr. Sinclair had procured and published Donald Young’s death certificate and raised innuendo and suspicion around its contents.


5.Accusations and Excuses for No Evidence

Larry has no one that can prove any of his allegations are true.He claims the limo driver would be able to attest to the oral sex incident – but he has ‘disappeared’.He claims a heck of a lot of actions by someone who cannot speak for himself – Donald Young.Apparently there are Obama campaign workers who could attest to their own relationships with Obama but are too scared to say anything and are getting paid anyway [#13].

Now if I wanted to ‘create’ a rumor about campaign workers who are intimately involved with Obama – what would I do?

a.Search campaign site or images on web for Obama pictured with a male.

b.Keep searching until you find a picture associated with someone who works for the campaign (not difficult to do) but also checks out on their facebook or somewhere on the net that they are openly gay.

c.Claim there is a relationship between this person and Obama.Encourage supporters to leave harassing messages on the person’s facebook page.

d.Hope he responds then you can claim the Obama camp has ‘spoken’ and twist whatever is said against the campaign or if he removes the stimulus (photos) then insinuate this proves ‘guilt’.That is a classic catch-22 stitch up.


[#1]01/18/08: Original You Tube Video: Obama’s Limo Sex & Drugs

‘During those time periods in 1999, I met Obama at an upscale lounge in Chicago, Illinois.

After having a few drinks, Obama and I left in my limo, began to drink.Mr. Obama acquired powdered cocaine for my use, crack cocaine for his use.I performed oral sex on Senator Obama who at the time was a State Representative for the State of Illinois…If you challenge the authenticity of this allegation, I challenge you to take a polygraph test as I will submit to as well.’

[#2]01/23/08: Rense Interview

‘I never had any intentions of coming forward with any allegations of gay sex against Barrack Obama, but in order for them to understand how I knew and how I saw him doing the crack, it had to come out…When I did become aware that he was involved in state politics it wasn’t that much of an issue with me, I have seen politicians from the local level to the US Government level that have been involved in some freaky things… I mean there’s been many it’s not something that is so unique that it would stop you and make you think.’

[#3]02/05/08: Obama’s Sex & Drug Party pt3

‘Now perhaps you do support Obama and he does make it to the Oval Office and in his first year you know um he’s busted gettin’ head or smoking crack in the White House.You know then you got what you deserve.Right?’

[#4]02/08/08: The Right Perspective Interview with Larry Sinclair

‘Everybody else is accusing me of trying to smear him with gay sex. I don’t care about the sex. I had to bring the sex out because if I come out and said “Hey, Barack Obama smoked crack cocaine.” What’s the first question somebody will ask me, “Well, how do you know?” Well, because I was in the back of a limo giving him head while was doing it. Then they’d call me a liar because I didn’t bring out the sex part to begin with.’

‘Everybody, you know, throwing this thing on me saying he’s gay. I have never said that this man is gay. I can say, from personal experiences that he is definitely bisexual.’

[#5]02/17/08: Cao and Larry Sinclair Interview

Larry: ‘Someone even posted on, they’ve even posted something on the web to where it comes, if you Google my name, stating hey, you know Sinclair is going to be found murdered and then they’re going to try and blame that on Obama too’

Cao comments on murder not being a stretch of the imagination because there is the story of the murdered gay choir director at Obama’s church.

[#6]02/25/08: Polygraph Results


Gelb’s Report on oral sex question (1st series):

“The issue under consideration dealt with Sinclair’s representation that he had performed oral sex on Barack Obama in 1999.During an extensive pre-test interview, Sinclair emphatically asserted the sex act took place in a limousine rented by him in the Chicago area…Two target questions: Did you perform oral sex on Obama in 1999?Are you lying when you say you performed oral sex on Obama in 1999?The…polygrams were hand-scored as required by the Governmentin a PCA examination.To render a conclusion of deception there must be a… -3 in any spot or…a grand total of -4 for both spots…Sinclair’s polygrams resulted in an evaluation of “deception indication” with a score of -15 (for the oral sex questions).”

Dr. Barland’s report on the 1st series:

“I scored the printout of the first series of charts (regarding oral sex)…there were strong and consistent reactions to the relevant questions.I scored the chart as -17 (Deception Indicated).”

[#7]02/26/08: Rense Interview

‘What’s going to happen if he does get in office, like you said, and engages in the same behavior with someone in a foreign country to where not only do they blackmail him but say it is one of those countries where homosexuality of any sort is a federal crime to the point where he would be subject to arrest and prosecution.’

‘I honestly believe that before this is over with I am not going to be standing here alone with these allegations – I truly and firmly believe that eventually there are going to be more people that have had relations with Senator Obama who are going to have the guts and the fortitude to finally come out of the closet so to speak and I think when that happens it is going to be too late for this country.’

‘I am raising questions about the validity of his reports, ok.Dr Gordon made it very clear that the computer analysis of the polygrams indicated no deception indicated yet Dr Gelb did not even include in his report the results of the computer analysis of the exam.’

[#8]03/10/08: Rense Interview

‘The second thing I need to address right now is probably is going to come as a bombshell to you as well.I have received numerous requests over the last few days asking me to respond to allegations going around the internet and some of the blog sites about a rumor that Paul Young – and for those who do not know who Paul Young is – this is the choir director connected to Senator Obama’s church who was found murdered in his home last December.I have refused to comment either way as to whether or not myself and Mr Young had any contact.I had waited for tonight to let you know on your program that there is truth to those allegations but that I cannot get specific on them.I just needed to clear it up because I am just getting bombarded with emails, you know, individuals asking well is it true, what did you say?Mr Young and I did communicate prior to his death and I felt that since you were the first person that actually exposed the story it was only right that I formally comment on those allegations here on the Jeff Rense show…I did not meet with Mr Young face to face at any time.’

‘I just need to clarify something…I think I referred to Mr Young as Paul just now and I am sitting here on my laptop talking to you looking at an email from a Paul Day who has been harassing me and the gentleman’s name was Donald Young.’

‘It’s my understanding that he was (gay).’

[JR: When did you first hear about his (Young’s) murder?] Actually, I really didn’t and that’s the funny thing.I had not really paid that much attention to it.

LS: I had become more aware of Donald’s passing and the circumstances surrounding it after I had posted my YouTube video and I had gotten an email from one of the YouTube users asking me if I had heard about this and when I started looking into it I thought ‘oh my god’, that’s probably why if you notice that I posted on my blog recently asking other people to comment and let me know if I should consider this a threat.

[#9]04/01/08: Affidavit of Lawrence W. Sinclair


‘This first called shocked me in that this “Mr. Young” asked me why I had not asked Senator Obama to disclose sexual encounters I had with Mr. Obama in 1999. I was shocked as I had never mentioned to the campaign or anyone working for the campaign any sexual encounters…In mid to late October 2007,I received a second call from this “Mr. Young” at which time I clearly became aware that this individual was personally involved with Senator Obama rather than an employee of his campaign. The tone of the conversation and the sexual nature of said conversation…In late October 2007 I received a text message from the gentleman identified as “Mr. Young” in which he stated he was intimately involved with Senator Obama…I had not truly become aware of the murder of Donald Young to the point of understanding this was the individual who had been contacting me last fall until a few weeks ago.’

[#10]04/04/08: Rense Interview

‘Everybody’s accusing me of bringing this up now to try and bolster the story but the funny thing is that I hadn’t become fully aware of who I was speaking with and having communications with last fall until a few weeks ago and I had no reason to know who this person was.’

‘At the end of our discussions and our communication it had developed more into him being more friendly, more familiar, kinda like trying to develop a friendship.He disclosed quite a bit of information regarding his own alleged personal involvement and I have to say alleged because I don’t know for a fact.I found it interesting towards the end because it pretty much described similar incidences that I had described between Barrack and myself as to how we met.’

[Rense asks if both Larry and Donald being gay was the reason there was a warming of the relationship between them over the conversations]

‘I think that’s that reason that there was the ability to somehow come close and have that feeling that there was a friendship developing.’

[#11]04/28/08: Rense Interview

‘Actually, when I first found out that he had been murdered I didn’t even click, I mean the name didn’t click, it took about a week or so for me to actually piece together (to go) wait a minute, here I am getting phone calls from this person, I’m talking to an individual who himself is openly gay.’

[#12]05/12/08: Video Statement of Larry Sinclair

‘The threats that I have received have become more intense and in light of the murder of Donald Young and the apparent suicide of Ms Palfrey I thought it important that I make this public statement.In the event that something should happen to me or I am found dead for any reason, my death should be immediately investigated fully as a homicide.’

[#13]05/20/08: Rense Interview

‘…recently i have been attacked, people saying “well how come larry never mentioned this he always said no one from the Obama campaign ever contacted him” and i think i made it very clear on your show when i mentioned the Donald Young incident by the time i realized what was going on and that this was someone personally intimately involved with Barack Obama

‘The other murders that people were trying to tie in as hate crimes saying that Donald Young was the victim of a hate crime along with Larry Bland and Nate Spencer, both of these individuals- can be called up on the social security death index showing their names, date of birth, date of death, where they died, social security number, everything and they do come up, with ease.’

jr- ‘Donald Young dead homosexual murdered very obviously for what he knew about Obama. would you suppose there are others that have had relations with Obama?’
ls—‘there’s no doubt in my mind’
jr—‘and those people are obviously living in great fear and aren’t about to open their mouths’
ls—‘well I’m not going to say all of them are because a couple of them are looks like are actually employed by Barack Obama right now’
jr—‘one way to keep them loyally quiet’
jr—‘interesting, wouldn’t want to be in their shoes accidents happen having these time Barack bombs walking around isn’t something the Obama camp is going to put up with indefinitely’
ls- ‘and i agree with you and i am hoping that one of them um (clears throat) actually gets that through his head and i think he’s starting to feel a little scared because ever since it was disclosed there was a belief that he was in fact one of the individuals— involved with Barack Obama all of a sudden he started taking down the photos of him and Barack Obama from his facebook ok so i mean it’s interesting that the more we investigate the more that we find the more stuff starts disappearing off the internet.’

[#14]06/18/08: National Press Conference with Larry Sinclair

‘I agreed to take a polygraph test sponsored by’s own examiner Dr. Gordon Barland, SLC Utah observed that on the drug question regarding Senator Obama that the computerized score found that there was less than one percent probability of deception by me. That’s about as high a passing score as one could possibly obtain.’

[#15]07/01/08: Rense Interview

‘And Jeff, and your reference to Donald Young, it is amazing the number of internet websites I have seen today, I have been directed to today, that have boldly stated that I’m going to end up just like Donald Young.You know they have actually predicted that Larry Sinclair will end up, you know, just a bullet riddled corpse again.’

[#16]07/04/08: Roger Friedinburg

‘I didn’t tell the sex part because, you know, I said it was bad or a reason not to vote for him.’

It was in March that I started becoming aware a Donald Young, who was an openly gay man, a choir director at Trinity United Christian Church, who, ah,…, Barack Obama himself had sent personal condolence letters to his family, after his murder. And I started putting pieces together [went to CPD]…and I told them that I felt that they needed to look into the possibility that Barack Obama and Jeremiah Wright either knew the person that killed Donald Young or actually hired the person that killed Donald Young.’

[#17]07/16/08: Hal Turner

‘i mean, you know – here’s a man that was smoking crack cocaine, getting blowjobs from an openly gay individual that he never met before that night.’

ht: Now you allegedly took a lie detector test.

lws: I took what was supposed to be one, yes.

ht: and, why don’t you tell the folks what the results were.

lws: well, actually I’m still not sure what the results are, because i still haven’t even been provided the, ahh, the raw data or or anything from it other than the reports provided by Dan Parisi. uhh, Edward Ira Gelb, the fake Ph.d claims that the results said i was lying. the computer analysis of the or uhh what raw data was available, made available to uhh, Gordon Barland (sp) …uhh, according to his report, actually showed that no deception….was indicated. however, he did in fact concur with Edward Gelb’s decision, because he wrote something in there and i think there’s some paragraph in there that uhhh, normally if you have a contradiction between the computer analysis and the human score, you tend to refer to the umm, defer to the human score which…i think that sounds a little fishy.

My thanks to Democratista, Heidi, Glix, susanelise, P. and Pete for transcribing material that contributed to the production of this article.

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