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So You Are Thinking about Buying Larry Sinclair’s Book?

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Well assuming he actually produces the book instead of just selling advanced copies of it…

(UPDATE: Larry initially promised the book to advanced buyers, ‘if it was the last thing he did’ by 5th January 2009.  Shortly prior to this date he said it would be delayed till on or about the 16th January 2009.  Shortly before this later date he said it would be available within 7 days.  After the 7 day period expired with no book he posted saying it would be available by mid-February.  He also posted an email he allegedly received from someone who was angry and wanted an immediate refund.  He used this opportunity to publicly state the surnames of the two people he had given refunds to already).

Buy his book if you enjoy works of fiction and financing individuals who seek to find profit off the back of murdered individuals who cannot speak for themselves, and who takes this so far as to claim that the dead man’s mother has made a video in support of Larry.  Who has seen this video?  No one that I know and I think it is a fairly safe assumption that IT DOES NOT EXIST!

Buy his book if you thought it was ‘cool’ for him to call Obama’s grandmother’s house and ask Obama’s sister if he could speak to the grandmother as she lay dying (when Obama visited to say farewell) and that he recorded the phone conversation without Maya’s permission and then posted it on his blog site  – I bet he thought that was such a noble prize huh?

AND then for him to later claim that the grandmother was already dead at the time of Obama’s visit but both Obama and Maya were involved in a cover up so it would not hurt Obama politically and news of her death was released at an optimal time to garner sympathy votes for Obama.

Imagine that.  Larry Sinclair, a person who previously served time in prison on felony fraud and who has a long history of moving state to state and using multiple aliases, asking people to believe these tales that paint Obama as coldly and psychopathically ambitious – and who then goes one further to ask us to believe that people such as Obama’s sister, his wife, his pastor and his campaign staff are all of the same mold.

Putting aside any prejudice you may have, try and work out the probability of all of these people being that cold versus someone with Larry’s history.  I know which side I would place my bets upon.

If you still can’t figure it out then at least consider the truism that past behavior is a good indication of present behavior.  While Larry was in jail for felony fraud due to ripping off people with indifference, Obama was eschewing a high salary in favor of aiding less fortunate people in the Chicago community.

The word psychopath definitely comes to my mind but not in respect of Obama.

Buy Larry’s book if you can justify to yourself that a person who engages in actions such as these deserves to profit from them and you would like to help him profit.

In my view, Larry has simply demonstrated that he has as little respect for the dead as he has for the living and in the end a person who can operate at such a level obviously has no respect for themselves.

Oh the number of times that Mr Sinclair has painted himself as a victim – someone attacked for being ‘honorable’ enough to ‘out’ truths about Obama, repeatedly imploring for donations to help him to get his ‘truth’ out.

Let us taste a sample of Larry bemoaning his victim status…

02/05/08: Obama’s Sex & Drug Party pt3

I’m not gonna sit here and let you threaten me and let you make completely false claims about me.  And if you think I am, you got another thing coming.

02/05/08: Obama’s Sex & Drug Party pt4

You want to talk about me slandering people?  I will go after each and every one of you and believe me I have all the time in the world to do it and that, my friends, is the end of this conversation.

02/08/08: The Right Perspective Interview with Larry Sinclair

I mean, if anything, I’m the one being slandered.  I’m the one being attacked.  I’m the one that’s being called all these names, receiving these threats through You Tube email.

02/17/08: Cao and Larry Sinclair Interview

I mean I don’t care if you believe what I’m saying or support what I’m doing you have the right to your own opinions and beliefs, but you do need to be respectful, because if nothing else I have tried to be respectful of everyone.

[yes Larry, you are very trying]

02/28/08: Larry Sinclair’s Fighting On

Now I am not whining or crying about the alleged results of the Polygraph done in Los Angeles on the 21st of February… Mr Gelb was asked to remove the blood pressure cuff from my left hand which is the same hand he had the little finger thingies connected to – he said that it would not effect the exam but under bilateral on my nerve entrapment(?) and bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome and the cervical, thoraxic and lumbar spine discurniations and S1 disc herniation that I have it would and it was cutting off the circulation and it was causing a vessel to pound and I don’t care, I mean I’m not going to make excuses for what he did or did not do appropriately.

Anyone has valid questions and you have the balls, or backbone or audacity, whatever you want to call it, to identify yourself with ID – you know, I have no problems answering questions to anyone but I will not continue to be bombarded with questions by internet warriors who don’t even have the balls to come out from behind their little screen names and say who they are, ok.

[And how do you think Larry treated anyone that he got the identity of?]


He does not lack for complaints or people to accuse but there is one vital thing that Larry lacks – evidence – the list of excuses for which I am sure we could fill a number of pages with.

If we are to reward a character like Mr Sinclair with our hard earned money, particularly in these times of deep economic uncertainty, that says something about the degree to which our society has degenerated and underscores the deep necessity of trying to change the path that we are on.

Have we not seen enough evidence that change is needed?

I believe rejecting a character such as Mr Sinclair’s should be a non-partisan issue, also transcending any one position on the spectrum of identity politics.

What is Larry now but a beached Jellyfish, seeking a last sting that may bring respite before the sun dries him to a husk?

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Larry Sinclair Guilty of Defamation – But Who Was Defamed?

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I thought it worthwhile to further bring out an issue in Larry’s inconsistencies that has previously been referred to on this site.

Why?  Because, by his own words, we know he has engaged in defamation, we just can’t be sure who has been defamed.  Let us consider the evidence:

02/08/08: The Right Perspective Interview with Larry Sinclair

I’ve been trying to get this out since last fall and, umm, You Tube was pretty much a last resort…It’s like, you can come out with anything on any other candidate but the you know, but the golden child and it will be reported… I mean, it should’ve come out back last fall when I first reported it, umm, to NBC [corrects self] MSNBC. Now they ignored it… then I understood why because one of their co-anchors on Morning Joe is actually a family member of the people running his campaign.

03/10/08: Rense Interview

I told you on the first interview that I had with you in January that I had only myself attempted to take this to the press at the 1st of the year and people have been constantly implying that this story was leaked back in October/November, referring to Robert Novak or the Hillary Clinton campaign whispers and I have told people that I don’t think it was my story that was being whispered about and if in fact it is this story that was being whispered about then the only people that could have leaked this story back then would have been the Obama Campaign because I had not even gone to the media with it.

05/29/08: Rense Interview

…I went to the DNC, I had made it clear that I would go to the DNC’s offices on south capital and asked to speak to someone face to face regarding the complaint that I filed against Barrack Obama last year and why that complaint has been ignored and swept under the rug.


IF Larry had not gone to anyone else BUT the Obama campaign prior to 1st January 2008 then he has defamed both MSNBC and the DNC.

IF Larry did go to both the MSNBC and the DNC in the fall of 2007 then he has defamed the Obama Campaign as the ‘only source’ of a leak.

Which do you think he defamed?  Whoever it is has legal recourse against him based on this inconsistency.

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Sinclair Duplicity Regarding Nate Spencer

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I thought it worthwhile to note that Larry has been, in my opinion, duplicitous on the topic of Nate Spencer.

In recent days he posted on his website a correction to a reader that Nate Spencer died from AIDS, was not murdered, as was recorded on Nate Spencer’s death certificate.

Larry knew long before he attempted to get copies of the death certificates of Nate Spencer, Larry Bland and Donald Young that Nate had died of an illness, was not murdered.  He was TOLD this clearly and he also knew that a lot of people had made an incorrect assumption that Nate was also murdered and that this rumor had circulated online.

So why then, aware of Nate’s death by illness, did he get a copy of Nate’s death certificate, stating on an earlier blog that he had gotten Nate’s and Larry’s death certificates but had been unable to source Donald’s, unless he was tacitly and indirectly feeding the false premise that Nate had been murdered by doing so?

His actions fed the established mis-interpretation, as three murders are more sensational than two are they not?  And yet he did so in an indirect way, where he didn’t say Nate was murdered – so you couldn’t pin that on him, but where people would assume that was the case or why else get the death certificate?

From my perspective this is a classic example of the way that Larry operates.

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