The Limo Driver Part 1: Protective Larry?

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02/08/08: The Right Perspective Interview with Larry Sinclair

I’ve got, listen, I have the limo driver. Everybody keeps telling me on You Tube, “Put your information out here. Let us investigate it.” I’m not that stupid. Are you kidding me? Everybody on You Tube is trying to kill me…you know…um threaten me…I don’t mean “kill me” literally. I mean, they’re trying to slaughter me online and my character. I’ve got news for ‘em. They can’t do that. I’ve been completely honest about everything about me, but I’m not gonna put in on You Tube for a bunch of, you know, Internet warriors to sit there and play with and twist around.

The limo driver is willing to come forward, but only if it actually gets out there, because he is a personal friend of Barack Obama’s and he is scared to death if he comes out before it gets out there, Obama and Axelrod can shut him up. And those are his concerns and I understand them.

I mean, you know, the driver will come forward, but he’s not going to put him and his family on the line for something that the media is constantly shoving underneath the carpet, and I don’t blame him

02/17/08: Cao’s Interview with Larry Sinclair

Larry: Well actually the limo driver has from the minute I’ve contacted him and told him that I was coming forward with this, has always said he that would come forward once it out in the public spectrum to where he felt that he would have a sense of public protection, in other words it has not reached a level to where if he came forward he doesn’t feel comfortable that he would not be physically attacked or action taken against him.

02/23/08: Sinclair YouTube Meltdown


I have given up the driver. You gutless punk bitch motheerfucker.


The following is a gift to all in a “pay it forward” dedicated to thedon, the name of the driver for 5 star limo service is P. Multani.

02/24/08: Parisi/Sinclair Emails

Parisi: It is past 12:00. We called you several times already today. Can you put us in touch with him [the driver] now. Thanks

Larry: No, I can not and will not, you are posting that I lied, why would I put him in the middle of your firestorm now.

03/15/08: Larry Sinclair Interview with Cao

If this gentleman or anyone else on the internet thinks and ever thought for a minute that I would put this individual’s identity out on the internet for them to do what they have done to these two charities; that were donated the money to that ended up giving it back because of the web and phone harassment that they received. Okay? Then some of these people are bigger idiots than they call me to think that anyone would ever subject someone to the type of ridicule and harassment and threats, because all that would have done was make this person shut up rather than come out.

05/07/08: Victor email to Larry (posted by Larry (?) at BHDC

In my view the best thing would be to call a press conference and release the information about the driver, if possible: the press won’t come unless one or more major media indicate that they will: you may need some political help to get some of the press to show up.

05/29/08: Rense Interview

Um, my attorney’s and I have decided that we are going to go through the attorney’s ah to make an offer to the driver to come forward under oath with the attorney and we would redact his personal information before we released anything and but if he chooses not to agree to that then in approximately two weeks, we’re going to give them two weeks to actually accept the offer, and if they don’t then we are going to publically disclose the driver, the name, the information, ah phone numbers, addresses, everything and you know, he’s going to have to deal with it from there, I’m not going to continue to take a beating.

06/18/08: National Press Conference with Larry Sinclair

Whose name I now reveal for the first time, Jagir Paramjit Multani… One note: There is a typo on the statement that you will get at the end of this statement. We will put an updated and corrected version on a website that you will also be given access to as far as the name is concerned (amended to Jagir P. Multani).

Many thanks to my fellow warriors for truth – Heidi, Glix, K-Street and Susanelise – for transcription work and research work that made this article possible. Thanks also to the wonderful archives of MrSircy.


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